The CooPeeps branding aimed to include these important qualities regarding PayPals core identity. The brand was made to show PayPal’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, making sure that every piece of content created under its name would connect with a wide and varied audience and under the brand voice. The branding guidelines also stressed the importance of accessible design and language, promoting best practices to make content easy to understand and use for everyone, including people with disabilities.
The logo for CooPeeps was inspired by bees and hives, which represent teamwork and collaboration. Just like bees work together in a hive, the content writer community at PayPal is a team-focused group. This symbol was chosen to show the cooperative spirit and teamwork that are key to successful content creation at PayPal.​​​​​​​
Through CooPeeps, PayPal aimed to raise the standards of content writing in the company, creating a community of writers dedicated to producing high-quality, inclusive, and accessible content. This project not only supported PayPal’s vision but also helped create a more inclusive digital environment.
We also wanted to include fun and catchy copies to add more allies to the community of practice.

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